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Howard Skempton (b.1948) Reflections (1999-2002)




Reviews amd Programme Notes


‘These tiny pieces use the simplest ideas to create areas of resonant stillness. To play these pieces well needs a purity of soul, which Howard evidently has; you can tell within a few minutes that he has never played a flashy or ill-considered note in his life.’ Independent December 2002 

‘Reflections consist of nothing more than processions of two-note chords, which have to be placed with exquisite care if the tension isn’t to sag. William Howard did it beautifully, and he gave the Satie-esque quirkiness of the fifth piece just the right aloof grace.’ Independent February 2007 

The first seven of this set of short piano pieces were written for William Howard’s recital at the Norfolk & Norwich Festival in October 1999 and partly inspired by the beautiful late 19th century photographs of Norfolk by Peter Emerson. A further four were added in 2002. © Howard Skempton


Written for William Howard and premiered by him at the 1999 Norfolk and Norwich Festival





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